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Pneutorque® PTM-72 Series : Stall Models
Pneutorque® PTM-72 Series : Stall Models
Pneutorque® PTM-72 Series - Internal Control and External Control Models

Pneutorque® PTM-72 Series - Stall Models

PTM-72 tools use the same ‘twin motor’ handle as the PTM-52 but fitted with a durable 72mm gearbox to allow higher torque outputs. The ‘twin motor’ concept gives the benefit of high run-down speeds while adding very little to the size and weight of the tool.

  • Fast - 1000 N.m version has a free speed of 122 rpm for rapid bolt run-down.
  • Light weight - single direction 2000 N.m stall tool weighs just 6.2 kg.
  • Quiet - less than 85 db(A) when under load.
  • Non impacting - low vibration levels make these tools comfortable and safe to use.
  • Square drive is quickly and easily replaceable.
  • On Bi-directional tools, the direction control knob is locked while the tool is running to prevent accidental damage to the gearbox.
  • ‘Soft Start’ trigger control aids socket location and allows gradual and safe reaction location.
  • For safety, gearbox can rotate independently from the handle so that reaction forces are not transmitted back to the operator.
  • 1” square drive available for the 1000 N.m version, Part No. 18492.

Pneutorque® PTM-72 Series - Internal Control and External Control Models

The integration of electronic torque measurement and control into the PTM-72 Series is achieved with the minimum impact on overall tool size and weight.The actual applied torque is accurately measured at the output of the tool meaning that a repeatability of ±2% can be guaranteed.

Shut-Off, Internal Control - these tools include a torque transducer, easy to read LED display, control panel and a solenoid valve to shut off the air supply once the desired torque has been reached.The tolerance band within which the bolt must be tightened can be set on the tool handle control panel.When the tool is operated, the actual applied torque is displayed along with one of three coloured LEDs to indicate a low, within tolerance or high result.The tool can be operated in either N.m or lbf.ft.

Shut-Off, External Control - this version of the PTM-72 incorporates a transducer, solenoid valve and three coloured LEDs for the indication of low, within tolerance or high results. However, all control functions and torque display are housed in an external controller unit (purchased separately), see page 43 for details. External controllers can give a much greater range of functionality than is possible on the ‘Internal Control’ version of the tool.