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Professional Torque Tester (Pro-Test) : Series 2
Professional Torque Tester (Pro-Test) : Series 2
Pro-Test Display and Transducer in Carry Case.
Flexible mounting options of Pro-Test on Bracket, Part No. 62198
Professional Torque Tester (Pro-Test) : Series 2
Professional Torque Tester (Pro-Test) : Series 2

The accuracy, ease of use and price competitiveness of the Pro-Test instrument has made it the choice of many industrial, military and automotive customers worldwide. The Pro-Test Series 2 has many features designed to make life easier and reduce the opportunities for error when calibrating torque wrenches.


  • Pictorial display panel for easy mode selection.
  • Limit detection with low, pass and high indication both on the screen, and by coloured LEDs. Limit status is also output via RS-232-C. Target torque and tolerance can be set by the operator.
  • ISO 6789 calibration mode automatically calculates the torque wrench calibration points and tolerance. All the user has to do is set the maximum calibration point for the wrench – the instrument does the rest for you!
  • Memory function displays the 5 previous readings taken by the operator. For operators creating manual calibration certificates, there is no need to stop and write after each reading, hence speeding the process.
  • Carry case is now a standard feature.
  • RS-232 cable included as standard.
  • Supplied with UKAS accredited calibration certificate.
  • Guaranteed classification to BS7882:2008, Class 1 or better over the primary calibration range (20% to 100% of full scale), Class 2 or better over the secondary calibration range (lowest calibrated value to 20% of full scale). Class 1 equates to ±0.5% of reading.
  • Three transducers are available in the range, up to 1500 N.m (1100 lbf.ft).
  • Three essential operating modes allow the Pro-Test to be used with all torque wrench types: ‘Track’ displays the live value, ‘Peak Memory’ records the highest value and ‘First Peak Memory’ records the first peak of torque (for click type torque wrenches). Both memory modes can be used with manual or automatic reset.
  • Large back lit display is easily visible from a distance and in poor light.
  • All common units of torque measurement are included.
  • User can select the language they wish to work in (most European languages are included).
  • Transducer can be mounted for torque wrench operation in the horizontal or vertical plane.
  • RS-232-C is included for the output of reading to a printer, PC, data capture unit, SPC software etc.
  • Optional mounting plate, Part No. 62198 gives greater flexibility of mounting options.
  • All user settable parameters are menu selectable from the front panel.
  • As standard, all transducers are calibrated in a clockwise direction. For additional anti clockwise direction order Part No. PROTEST.CCW.
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