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Static Torque Transducer
Static Torque Transducer
3/4” Square Drive Transducer
21/2” Square Drive Transducer
3/8” Square Drive Transducer

The accuracy and quality of the Norbar Static Torque Transducers has made them the first choice of many calibration laboratories throughout the world.


  • Up to 6800 N.m (5000 lbf.ft) classified to BS7882:2008, typically Class 1 or better for the primary classification range (±0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale).
  • From 6800 N.m (5000 lbf.ft) up to 108,500 N.m (80,000 lbf.ft) classified to BS7882:2008, Class 1 to Class 5 for the classification range (±0.5% to _+/-2.5% of reading) dependant on the type of transducer.
  • Robust, heat treated, alloy steel torsion shaft design.
  • Designed to ignore non torsional forces.
  • Operates in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
  • Calibration up to 108,500 N.m (lbf.ft) with a UKAS accredited calibration certificate.
  • Calibrated in clockwise direction as standard. Anti-clockwise calibration provided on request.
  • ‘SMART’ transducers have built in memory circuit which contains essential information about the transducer.This information can be read by Norbar’s TST and TTT instruments meaning that when the transducer is connected, it is immediately recognised and ready for use. When ordering for a TST or TTT, use part no. suffix ‘.LOG’ (eg. 50659.LOG) if you require a torque units calibration certificate.
  • ‘SMART’ transducers can also be used with many instruments not of Norbar manufacture. However, these will operate as normal ratio calibrated (mV/V) transducers – the ‘SMART’ data will not be read. For non Norbar instruments or for when a mV/V certificate is required, use part code suffix ‘.IND’.
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