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Torque Screwdriver Tester (TST) : Series 2
Torque Screwdriver Tester (TST) : Series 2
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TST in standard carry case
Torque Screwdriver Tester (TST) : Series 2
Torque Screwdriver Tester (TST) : Series 2

The TST combines simplicity with up to date technology to provide a high quality instrument for the testing and calibration of low capacity torque tools. Featuring an internal transducer complete with Joint Simulation Rundown Assembly, the TST is available in 3 torque ranges, 0.04 to 2 N.m, 0.5 to 10 N.m and 1.25 to 25 N.m. Class 1 system accuracy over its Primary range (±0.5% of reading from 20% to 100% of full scale).

What makes the TST genuinely versatile is the interface for an external transducer. This interface, accessed by a 2 way switch in the TST, allows the connection of any transducer from Norbar’s “SMART” range and most mV/V calibrated transducers from Norbar or other manufacturers.

Norbar is UKAS accredited for the calibration of electrical torque indicator displays and the TST is supplied with a calibration certificate.This ensures that each element of the system is fully traceable and interchangeable. The TST is also supplied with a UKAS torque calibration certificate for the complete system i.e. display and internal transducer.


  • Pictorial display panel for easy mode selection.
  • Limit detection with low, pass and fail indication. Up to 12 target values can be set.
  • Digital limit state output for control of external tools.
  • Operation from fast charge internal battery pack (maximum time of 3 hours 20 minutes for full charge) or a.c. supply (90 to 264 Volts).
  • RS-232-C serial data interface for connection to a printer or PC. Continuous RS 232 output when used in track mode (up to 11 readings per sec).
  • Pulse count feature in Impulse mode and Clutch Tool mode.
  • “SMART” intelligence for transducer recognition.
  • Memory for calibration details of 20 non-“SMART” mV/V calibrated transducers.
  • Analogue output allows the instrument to be used as part of a process control system for performance analysis.
  • User selectable frequency response for each mode of operation.
  • All user selectable features have password protection.The instrument can be issued to users with only the required modes of operation and units of measure enabled. This feature can virtually eliminate operator induced errors.
  • Supplied in carry case.
  • All common measurement units for torque are included plus users can configure their own units to interface with non torque transducers.
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