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TruCheck™ Models 3 N.m, 10 N.m
TruCheck™ Models 3 N.m, 10 N.m
TruCheck Plus 3 N.m and 10 N.m
TruCheck 25 N.m

Simple, Cost Effective Torque Testing

The importance of keeping your torque tools in peak calibration condition is well established. Many businesses achieve this by using a third party calibration service. However, how much more convenient would it be to perform calibration checks inhouse? Tools could be checked more frequently, immediately if a problem is suspected, and tools would not need to leave site unnecessarily.

The main reasons that more companies do not perform calibration checks on their own tools are the cost of testers and fears over the complexity of the testing equipment. Norbar’s ‘TruCheck’ torque screwdriver testers aim to sweep aside these concerns. They are very cost effective being significantly cheaper than most similar products on the market and the basic version of the TruCheck particularly is very simple to use.

The product comes in two versions: there is a basic version, simply called ‘TruCheck’ and a version with greater functionality called ‘TruCheck Plus’.

Technical Specification

Accuracy: +/-1%, +/-1 digit over the stated operating range.
Display: 4 digit, 7 segment LED.

TruCheck 3 N.m and 10 N.m
Drive Size: 1/4” male hexagon (vertical)
Dimensions in mm: 64(d) x 175(w) x 72(h)
Weight: 2.6 kg shipping

TruCheck 25 N.m
Drive Size: 1/4” male hexagon (horizontal) - supplied with 1/4” and 3/8”
female square drive adaptors
Dimensions in mm: 72(d) x 175(w) x 64(h)
Weight: 2.6 kg shipping

Materials/Finish: Powder coated aluminium housing.
Stainless steel transducer shaft.

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