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TruCheck 10 - 350 N.m
TruCheck 10 - 350 N.m
TruCheck Plus 100 - 1000 N.m - 3/4” socket is supplied

TruCheck™ Models 350 N.m, 1000 N.m and 2000 N.m

One of the concerns in putting a torque tester into an environment where people are not calibration specialists is that incorrect selections will be made with the potential for incorrect tool setting and consequently tool failure. Norbar’s solution is to remove all choices from the operator. The TruCheck is for click type torque wrenches and comes with a single measurement unit (N.m or lbf.ft).There is only one button on the device and that is to zero the display. Operation is simplicity itself and it is virtually impossible to go wrong!

TruCheck™ Plus

Accepting that some customers require more flexibility than the basic TruCheck provides, the ‘Plus’ adds a comprehensive range of features.With three modes of operation the TruCheck Plus is suitable for click wrenches, dial and electronic wrenches and in ‘Track’ mode will continuously monitor the torque signal.

There are three torque units - N.m, lbf.ft and

TruCheck Plus also has a user selectable ‘limit’ feature.The operator sets the target torque and tolerance and the instrument will calculate whether the reading is within tolerance and indicate the result by illuminating one of three coloured LEDs: yellow = low, green = OK, red = high.

Finally,TruCheck Plus has an RS-232 serial data output and comes complete with an RS-232 lead.The reading, measurement unit and limit status (Low, OK or High) are output via RS-232.

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