Gedore Torqueleader Products | Torque Calibration

  • Guarantees repeated Torque Tool accuracy and adherence to International Standards.
  • Ensures torque equipment is operating to peak performance diagnosing problems before they arise.

Types of Calibration Analysers

Electronic Analysers: are highly accurate, reliable and easy to use. Our modern range of Digital Torque Calibration Equipment can allow the user to download test results, test power tools, select different units of measurement and carry out calibration beyond the scope of mechanical calibration devices.

Mechanical Analysers: are low cost, robust and easy to use devices that are designed to set and calibrate low range Hand Torque Tools. These Analysers will give many years of accurate and reliable service.

Torque Calibration

Capture System
  • Highly accurate measurement of Hand and Power Torque Tools, the System has been designed and tested in conjunction with the National Physical Laboratory in the UK, a world leader in electronic measurement systems.
Capture Display
  • Designed to allow users to become productive quickly due to its intuitive features, such as easy to navigate menus, tool database and Plug & Play integration with CAPTURE Sensors
Capture Sensor
  • Built-in flexibility as the sensor can be mounted horizontally or vertically without the need for any accessories.
  • Fast to set up when used with a CAPTURE Display due to the imbedded Quicktec technology which passes all the Sensor information to the Display
Capture Manager
  • Manage tool and test data through the CAPTURE Manager PC software. The software also makes analysing the data quick and easy through integration with Microsoft Excel®.
MTS 1200 & MTP 10
  • The MTS Testers are designed to quickly give confidence that your Torque Tools are operating within limits. The easy to read dial, peak torque and limit pointers all work together to give the operator instant confirmation of tool performance
ISO 1500/90° Torque Loading System
  • Calibration of Torque Wrenches made easy with our versatile and precise ISO Torque Loading Systems which minimise the possibility of human error
  • 1400:1 Gearbox requires low operator effort, therefore torques as high as 1500 N.m can be achieved with ease