TruCheck™ 2 3 N·m – 2,100 N·m

TruCheck™ 2 is a cost effective torque wrench checker that has been redesigned to incorporate improved features whilst maintaining ease of use.

The TruCheck™ 2 aims to cut the cost of purchasing a torque wrench checking system and remove the fears over the complexity of using such equipment.

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  • Allows torque wrench performance to be monitored and tools to be kept in peak condition
  • Two versions, TruCheck™ 2 and TruCheck™ 2 Plus available
  • ‘Basic’ version has limited settable options. Ideal for nonexpert users with click type torque wrenches
  • TruCheck™ 2 Plus allows a selection of torque units, three modes of operation (Click, Dial and Track), the ability to store up to 15 targets and select from 12 languages
  • Plus version allows operator to set a target value and tolerance
  • ±1% torque reading accuracy (±2% when below 10% of range for the 1,100 N·m TruCheck™ 2 model)
  • Inbuilt Micro USB 2.0 port enables power from any USB power source. Plus version allows for both power and data transfer simultaneously
  • Supplied with traceable calibration certificate


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