ATB Adjustable Breaking Torque Wrenches – Torque range from 5 to 100 N.m

Torque range from 5 to 100 N.m

High quality, versatile, tools that have been designed and engineered to reduce the risk of under and over tightening in Production, Service and Repair. The Calibrated Scale allows for pre-setting of torque.

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  • Accuracy and consistency. Improved process control is ensured by reducing the risk of under and over tightening, due to the unique Breaking Technology
  • Calibrated scale. A visible micrometer style scale allows the user to adjust the tool quickly and easily to their desired torque setting, enabling a range of different torque settings to be applied
  • Long tool life. High quality, durable design and construction, minimises replacement and downtime costs
  • Process Control. Reduces the likelihood of warranty and rework by assuring process control through accurate and repeatable torque application
  • Production efficiency. Improved operator comfort and productivity, from the ergonomic design, which includes lightweight materials and moulded plastic handgrip
  • Versatility. Versatile tools ideal for Maintenance & Repair applications where a range of torques can be applied quickly and easily to a variety of fasteners and connectors


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