General Information

We are required in line with SANAS requirements, to offer as standard, a calibration of your equipment ’As Found’ on receipt by the Laboratory.

Devices sent in for calibration will be calibrated and the ’As Found’ readings recorded. The calibration will be performed to the appropriate International Standards, unless requested otherwise.

  • Should the device be in specification ’As Found’, a certificate will be issued.
  • Should the device be out of specification, but capable of adjustment, it will be adjusted. A certificate will be issued with ’As Left’ readings on it.
  • Should the device not be capable of adjustment, it will be returned, with a note on the certificate to that effect.
  • Should the device require repair, we will do so where possible, after consultation with the customer. Torque Tool is accredited by SANAS for torque measurements between 0.005 N.m and 1500 N.m or the imperial equivalents.
  • Our SANAS Accreditation Schedule gives further details.

Calibration & Repair

Our well trained staff can repair and re-calibrate all makes of Torque Wrenches, Torque Multipliers and Torque Calibration Analysers.

We have contracts or service agreements to repair and re-calibrate other manufacturer’s equipment to international specifications.

Repair & Calibration Prices

All torque wrenches are handled under a ‘combined calibration and service’ price structure. This means that, provided that the product is in serviceable condition, we guarantee to carry out all calibration, function checks and repair work to bring the equipment back to its’ original functionality.

Note: Torque Tool reserve the right to decline an item if it is considered to be un-serviceable.

Accredited Range

Our accredited range is for measurements between 0.005 N.m and 1500 N.m or the imperial equivalents. Our accreditation schedule gives further details.

Please click to view our ‘SANAS Accreditation Schedule’.

Contract Review

The SANAS accredited laboratory operates to SANS 17025:2005 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories). As part of this standard we carry out a review of requests, tenders and contracts to ensure we meet customer requirements.

A contract may be any written or oral agreement to provide a client with calibration services. Accordingly we are reviewing all requests for calibration and would appreciate a prompt response to any such instructions so as not to incur and unnecessary delays in calibration/recalibration of products.

Further details are available on request.

Electronic Devices

In accordance with the current standards for calibration of torque measurement devices, it is desirable to calibrate transducers with the display that is normally used. In this case the ’system’ is calibrated. If it is not possible to supply the display unit, an equivalent calibrated display unit from the laboratory will be used. 

The calibration will then be valid for the transducer with the original display as long as the original display has been calibrated within the last 12 months. Certificates are in accordance with the current standard for measuring devices BS7882:2008, and show the nominal torque applied, and the measured torque readings.

In instances where we deem the device to be uneconomical to repair we will offer a replacement instrument where possible. It is not our intention to offer a full repair service for torque devices from other manufacturers. Where a device is in need of repair, the customer is advised to have this performed by an approved service agent, or the manufacturer, before submitting the device for SANAS calibration.

Some electronic transducer systems from other manufacturers may incur an additional calibration cost. Occasionally it will be necessary to manufacture special adaptors to enable the calibration to be performed. This will of course affect the price and delivery, and will be discussed with the customer as the need arises.

A Calibration booking service is available, please contact the Calibration & Repair Department for further information. Or complete the form below and one of our specialised consultants will contact you.


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