ISO 1500/90° & ISO-A : Torque Loading Systems

Torque Loading Systems

Versatile Torque Loading Systems that enable precise Torque calibration and testing, up to a surprisingly high level of torque, to be undertaken on your own premises. Accurate and easy to use, the possibility of human error or variation is eliminated.

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  • Accurate. These Torque Loading Systems enable the accurate testing of all Torque Wrenches within their given range, whilst removing the possibility of human error or variation
  • Adaptable. An easy adjustment system to suit the individual Torque Wrench being calibrated
  • Easy to use. 1200:1 Gearbox requires low operator effort, therefore torques as high as 1500 N.m can be achieved with ease
  • Improved in-house capability. Torque calibration and testing can be carried out on your own premises, eliminating the need to use external suppliers
  • ISO accreditation. Meets the International Standard ISO 6789 for the calibration of Torque Wrenches


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