NorTronic® Electronic Torque Wrenches

The NorTronic®, our first electronic torque wrench, sets the benchmark with its unique Torque Data System (TDS) software and combination of accuracy, wireless capability and angle measurement, in a versatile, robust and easy to use package.

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  • Accurate and traceable torque and angle control
  • Two full colour OLED displays positioned at 90° to each other for visual indication both horizontally and vertically
  • 3 models covering 5 – 330 N.m
  • IP44 protection against dust and water ingress
  • One piece aluminium handle
  • Extruded aluminium case
  • Torque & Angle readings can be sent to TDS in real time or downloaded via the USB lead or wireless interface. For a wireless connection, a wireless adaptor is required for your PC. Each wireless adaptor can handle up to 8 wrenches
  • Ability to interface to ProSuite® process control software
  • Calibration date of tool can be displayed via TDS or third party software
  • ASCII mode allows for interfacing the tool to third party software
  • When used with a HandTorque® gearbox the NorTronic can directly display, save and send the output Torque of the HandTorque®
  • Ability to set a Torque, Angle and Final Torque Target
  • Ability to produce and save Torque & Angle graphs (in real time) from a USB connected tool
  • Ability to have up to 15 linked or non-linked Targets on the tool at any one time
  • Angle calibration in accordance with VDI/VDE 2648
  • UKAS accredited Torque calibration in both clockwise and counterclockwise direction


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