TBN Preset Breaking Torque Wrenches

Torque range from 0.4 to 200 N.m

TBN Preset Breaking Torque Wrenches are robust production tools that reduce the chance of over-tightening, because of the unique Breaking Mechanism. They can be used for a wide range of applications, with a choice of compatible interchangeable end fittings.

Their durable yet compact design makes them easy to use in restricted spaces in any manufacturing or maintenance environment.

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  • Improved accuracy, consistency and control. Accurate process control is ensured by reducing the risk of under and over tightening, due to unique Breaking Technology. This gives the operator more time to react once the target torque is reached. 
  • Compact slimline design. This maximises productivity in restricted space applications 
  • Compatible End Fittings. A range of interchangeable end fittings is available, making this an extremely versatile tool. 
  • Ease of use. Tools can be used with confidence by operators at any skill level, due to the unique Breaking Technology 
  • Increased production efficiency. Increased operator comfort and productivity, from the ergonomic design, that includes lightweight materials and moulded handgrip 
  • Long tool life. High quality, robust design and construction minimise tool replacement and downtime costs


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