Powered Torque Tools

Electronic Tools

The EvoTorque® is an electronic torque tool designed for applying torque to threaded fasteners. The unique ‘Intelligent Joint Sensing’ technology will accurately tighten to the correct torque without the risk of excess overshoot or undershoot that is common in other electric tools.

EvoTorque® utilises patented motor technology to give unprecedented joint control from hard through to soft joints.

Pneumatic Tools

PneuTorque® operation is quiet – less than 85 dB(A) with absolutely no impacting. These two factors make PneuTorques comfortable for the operator to use, reducing fatigue and consequently increasing safety. PneuTorques provide accurate torque control – on a given joint they will stall repeatably to within ±5%. Using electronic shut off, this repeatability can be improved to ±2%.

The PneuTorque® consists of a robust air motor driving a Norbar multiplier with three or more stages of epicyclic gearing.

Torque control is achieved by adjustment of the air pressure. An air pressure versus torque graph and a calibration certificate is supplied with each tool and allows specific torque values to be set. For more critical applications PneuTorques can be fitted with a torque transducer and the precise torque output displayed. The tool can then be shut off at the desired torque either manually or automatically using suitable control circuitry. Models are available up to 300,000 N.m (220,000 lbf.ft).

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