Handtorque® HT4 Series

  • Robust construction means minimal maintenance and long life
  • True 15.5:1 (3,000 N.m) or 26:1 (4,500 N.m) torque multiplication, accuracy ±4%
  • High ratios allow the use of a small torque wrench
  • Supplied in carrying case with replacement square drive
  • Anti Wind-Up Ratchet fitted to allow safer and more practical operation
  • Angle protractor for easy torque and angle tightening
  • If calibration is required, a UKAS accredited calibration certificate may be ordered (at extra cost)
In Stock


  • 17022 HT4 3,000 N.m 1∕2″ in 1″ out AWUR
  • 17021 HT4 4,500 N.m 1∕2″ in 1″ out AWUR


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